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Hi! *waves from Lurkerville*

Been lurking here for a bit now. Thought I would intro myself.

My boy and I got engaged this summer and are getting married in 3.5 weeks. He and I are both blissfully childfree. We agree that we are a couple, 2 people, and should one of us find Jeebus or get bit with Baby-Rabies, then the other one gets everything and can leave with no problems. This relationship is not big enough for 3 people. I have been getting a few kiddie questions from my friends and I keep saying the same thing. It's getting tiring that they won't stop.

We have been Long Distance since we got together in Jan 2004. He lives in Australia and I live in Hong Kong. It's been tough, but it works. After this year, once I am married, I am hoping someone will be able to make the move easier to the other's place of residence. Just not sure who yet....

So, from me and my wonderfully childfree soon-to-be hubby.... HI!

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