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I joined a few days ago but didn't post an intro until now. I surfed on in from another CF community. My name is Ashley, I'm 22, and I'll be a college graduate in less than 3 weeks! I'm getting married on July 13th to my middle and high school sweetheart, Jim...our wedding day is also our 8 and a half year anniversary. Children annoy us, and we're broke enough already, thank you very much, so no brats for us! Jim graduated from culinary arts school in December and is now working as a chef (and what a good one he is!). I am a full-time student (my B.A. is in history and philosophy) finishing my undergrad degree. I start a graduate program in August (M.A. in history). I plan to accumulate as many degrees as I possibly can! Here's a picture of Jim with our "child," a sable Teddy Bear hamster named Petit Four:
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I look forward to chatting with all of you!
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