Sphinx (master_cobweb) wrote in cf_love,

conspicuous overconsumption!!!

Hey there! In response to my picture post, one member pointed my towards this Salon.com article. You should check it out. It talks about the unscrupulous practices of the de Beers company, who essentially have a monopoly on the diamond industry and shaped the modern obsession with diamond rings. I know it's not really childfree relevant, but as people who pride themselves in making different life choices, I thought you might appreciate it! I know it confirmed a lot of my suspicions about the diamond industry.

It's so terrible the way corporations convince us to buy all this stuff we don't need based on "norms". *she says, eating the ears off her chocolate easter bunny* Yeah, I'm a hypocrite. So what? Chocolate is tasty. :)

They also had an article on salon.com about Brittney Spears' baby having a cracked skull. I didn't read it, but then again it wasn't terribly suprising.
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