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I'm Mary-Lynn. I only agreed to marry my fiancé because he hates children almost as much as I do.

Requisite photo:

This is our engagement photo. We don't have any making out shots because… we don’t? At least not where cameras are. That you know of.

I do have to post a shot of our kitty who might as well be our kid except she's 17(ish) and that'd mean I had her when I was 5 and that's creepy. Plus, neither of us has any parenting instinct. If she talked back, she'd be living in the yard. She's Pete's last childhood pet and going to outlive us all. Meet Bootsie (Boo):

We also decided to get married, aside from both loathing kids, because we can live together. Neither had to change their lifestyle whatsoever when we moved in together. Now that is love.

All I'm asking for for my birthday is a vasectomy. I've nearly gotten him talked into it except he hates doctors.
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