kayleighqd (kayleighqd) wrote in cf_love,

Hi, everyone. Just thought I'd poke my head in as yet another member of a CF couple. My name's Kayleigh, I'm 19, and my boyfriend Tristain is 22. We've been together a little more than two years now. I'm disabled(quadriplegic) as a result of a diving accident, and after seeing how much stronger Tristain and I have become since then, and how much he's proven he cares for me, I DARE anyone to tell us that we need a kid to somehow prove our love. We were both committed to not having kids before my injury, and you'd think that my condition would put an end to bingoing, but no such luck. Some people apparently still think that a girl who's paralyzed from the neck down should still have kids. No doubt they'd be little "miracles" or something. No thank you. Tristain and I have come out of one life changing disaster intact. No need to try for two.

I included a pic of me and my boy, if you're interested.
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