Some Woman (somewoman) wrote in cf_love,
Some Woman

Sort-of Introduction

I've been a member of this community for a few months, but haven't actually posted. My boyfriend and I are 25 years old and have been dating for 9.5 years with no intention of getting married at this point. In fact, we're this close *holds fingers very close together* to doing something as far from getting married as possible (without, you know, breaking up or hating each other in stony silence).

Some Guy (for that is the Super Secret Internet Name that I have given him) was offered a promotion at work, with the wee little catch that it would involve moving to the east coast. I have no intention of quitting my job and following him out there, so we'll see how long we can maintain a long-distance relationship.

We were going to commence Living in Sin this fall, but hey... living 1400 miles apart works too.

At least we don't have any kids to muck things up. :^)
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